Banish Resistance & Unleash Your Power

The last few months have been an eye opener. I’ve always had grandiose visions of the future and the part I play in it. But the time for dreaming of a future not present has passed. Instead hard work and the honing of ones craft is what’s needed to truly touch and influence people on a global scale.

The War of Art & Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

The War of Art & Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield

Resistance is that little voice within that questions everything we do in the hope we do nothing. Projects, plans and dreams can all fall by the wayside when resistance rears its ugly head. But resistance isn’t bad, its’ a necessary evil, it moulds us into the hero of our own story. When resistance questions our motives, we questions ourselves, we look deep within for answers to our own personal anguish, in that moment none of your friends can help, you are on your own and the decision you make for better or worse is yours and yours alone. That’s powerful. In times where our attention is finite answering that voice within or better yet standing up to it and fighting a good fight is what life is all about.

I’d rather live life to the fullest knowing full well I may still fall short of my dreams, than sit on the sidelines.

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