Don’t Believe the Hype

When you’re in college struggling to spread yourself across 3 or more A-Levels or battling to understand the confusing amount of coursework on a BTEC course, no-one tells why it matters. You’re spun this tale about grades equal employment, which equals success, but you don’t really know why that matters or how you fit into that messy equation.

University is getting a bit of bad stick lately, rising unemployment rates and obscene levels of tuition fees haven’t helped dismiss the notion that Uni is one big waste of time. But i’d argue University is the best training ground ever created. Whether you’re planning on leaving home to study elsewhere or going to local University around the way, Uni is the best place to mould yourself into the person you want to be; and it all happens without you realising. You go there thinking you know who you are and leave with a completely different frame of reference, it’s kind of effortless the way it happens. Of course along the way the lessons themselves are not the most pleasant experiences, running out of money and burning the midnight oil to insure you hand in coursework on time is never fun, but you learn so much that it makes it all worthwhile.

I’ve told plenty of kids, my little brother included that Uni should lead to 1 of 2 discoveries. Primarily you should only go to Uni if it’s going benefit you’re chosen career, but if you haven’t figured out what you want to do with your life prior to applying, Uni is also a great place to find out what you don’t want to do. Plus there’s always the cushion of changing Degree’s in your 1st year of study and usually regardless of the course, it’s pretty effortless. So why not just go, choose a Degree you think will benefit you, if it doesn’t work out get on a different course sharpish! The 2nd option of going to Uni – the option i prefer – is character development. In today’s society you’d agree that we’re mostly insulated from the realities of life. Whether you’re being mollycoddled by your family or protected from the wider world because of the area you live in, most of us have lost touch with what it means to co-exist in the world at large. That’s where Uni comes in. It’s one of the only places where young people are able to meet people from all walks of life, who are all trying to figure this life-thing out. A 21 year-old kid could have just as much in common with a 34 year-old from a completely different background. You get to juggle your finances, relationships and career all the same time, and at a frightening pace, those 3 or 4 years go by in a flash. Lastly my last caveat for Uni would be that’s its fucking fun! You get to meet new people, drink yourself to oblivion and figure out that you never wanted to be a Media Executive you instead you want to be Vet.

Don’t listen to the chorus of moan from the Uni-naysayers. Make up your own mind, figure it out for yourself, trust me you’ll thank yourself later.

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