Thinking About Thinking

I remembered something that happened to me last week at my Crossfit class. During my 6 class fundamentals journey (that’s now thankfully over) it was drummed home by the coaches that everyone needed to make a concerted effort to introduce themselves to someone new every class you attended. The warning being, that those who failed to do so would be subject to 10 burpees for every name you got wrong. Now, i love myself some burpees, but not under that kind of duress, especially after a gruelling 1 hour session, ain’t nobody got time or the ability to do that. Fast forward to last week, I walked into my local box all smiles saying hi to anyone who happened to glance up towards my direction. Unfortunately there was one guy i noticed who quickly decided by the mere sound of my voice that he didn’t like me. It’s a odd feeling, seeing someone make up their mind about you in-front of your eyes. There’s absolutely nothing you can say or do that will change their mind, you know it and they know it. It’s an odd sort of understanding you both come too. I don’t like even though i don’t know you, and i’m sure you know, so don’t even bother talking to me, kind of thing.

But hey, it is what it is.

A lot of people will try and convince you it’s what’s inside that matters, but society dictates that there’s some people out there who couldn’t give a scooby what you’re like on the inside, if you look like someone they wouldn’t like, you know what? They just won’t like you, no amount of smiles and half arsed exercise jokes (i did try) will help. And to be completely honest i wouldn’t want it too. Who wants to be friends with someone like that anyways? I know i don’t… *sobs*

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