Flexing my podcasting muscles


I haven’t posted about it as much on this blog, but i’ve finally got back into the swing of recording regular podcasts episodes again. It’s been a bit of a weird journey, I initially got the bug to do my own show after listening to Chris Moore’s aka Barbell Buddha’s podcast (RIP). He was really good at articulating his thoughts, dreams and aspirations through the medium of a podcast, and the best thing about is that most of his episodes were under 1 hour. I was a little worried in the beginning when I spent most of my time researching podcasts shows by comedians and entertainments who by their very definition are paid to talk for hours and hours. But luckily i’ve been able to find a sweet spot where most of my episodes sit between 40 minutes to 1 hour in length, which is just about enough time for a good healthy ramble or two.

As with any of my creative endeavours the process itself is far enjoyable than the finished product. I’ve had loads of fun recording it on my iPhone, exporting it to GarageBand, tweaking the clips, uploading it to Spreaker and finally sharing it across my social. It’s really fun and just serves as another creative outlet with little to no expectations attached to it, which is obviously the best part. I recently secured my first podcasts sponsorship too in Audible which is amazing, it’s great to have a sponsor on-board that i’m a real fan of. I may invite guests on future episodes, but for now it will serve as a platform for me to spread ideas and observations as i grow, hope you guys like it!

The Agostinho Zinga Show #015 – Listen to it on iTunes here & Spreaker here

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