It’ll work out in the end


Show up everyday, make yourself available and see what comes of it in 10 years time not 1 years time. The long slow road will pay dividend, quick immediate rewards as tempting as they can be by their very nature are fleeting. It might not seem like it now, but trust me when i say the process itself is the most important aspect of your development. This is something i’ve only grown to realise over the last couple of years, I wish I realised sooner. But I’m thankful that I know now.

Sometimes I can be incredibly annoying


An interesting thing happened in the gym this morning; said no-one ever. I got told off by a random lady for slamming weights. She complained that the noise of the plates dropping on the floor/platform was incredibly distracting. I guess she’s one of the few people who goes to the gym with no earphones. I never quite understood that, especially if you’re there on your own. For one the music in a public gym is incredibly shit and two hearing people scream and moan under duress is infinitely more distracting than the odd dumbbell falling on the floor. Now granted there are some people in the gym who are incredibly excessive with their weight drops, flinging dumbbells across the floor when they finish a set, but for the majority of people (like myself) dropping weights is much safer than controlling the movement all the way to the floor, especially when you’re fatigued. But i guess in a public gym you’ve gotta meet people in the middle and not bet too set in your ways…



I’ve been working out a lot lately. Mostly motivated by a sense of vanity as well as the need to grow, both physically (and mentally in some respects). There’s something about the long hard slog of lifting weights that interest me. There’s no short cuts to getting stronger, no fancy hack you can co-opt in order to get your bench press up. In the beginning i’d struggle to lift heavy weights partially because the palms of my hands were too soft & subtle under the strain of various plates. I made the decision to do away with weightlifting gloves and instead rely entirely on dusting my palms down with chalk. Result being my grip strength has improved considerably!