Tinder Select and The Streisand effect


To some extent the almost fervent desire for us mere mortals to want what we can’t have, has led to this story about Tinder Select spreading like wildfire in past 24hrs. Supposedly Tinder has a “secret” (most likely beta) feature of their app reserved for the most matched and ultimately attractive users of their widely popular app. On the face of it it kind of makes sense. Vanity and shallowness is part of Tinder’s modus operandi and thus far everyone who uses it has begrudgingly agreed that it kinda works. You’re offered options of potential mates within your proximity and given the option to “like or not like” based on your first impressions. All good.

Unfortunately i expect a large group of Tinder users will take offence to this new feature, scores of unattractive women will protest on the mean streets of Twitter with the hashtag campaign #deletetinder and demand an immediate removal of said feature or worse yet some sort of inclusion effort; along the way roping in triggered minorities. Just you wait and see.

We all know Tinder isn’t a fair or genuine representation of the dating scene, there’s more nuanced detail involved when you’re trying to decide who to kiss, sleep or mate with. But to even attempt to encapsulate that in one app would be a near impossible endeavour and judging by the amount of dating sites and apps out there no-one has quite cracked it. So don’t get your panties in a twist it’s just an app, if you don’t like it by all means delete away, but that still doesn’t diminish the fact that there’s a small group of highly attractive Tinder users out there who are fed up with their proximity dependent selection of grenades the world over.

Let the hot guys and girls of Tinder live i say.