Nothing New Under the Sun


The notion within the health and fitness space that the methods of yesteryear are dated and in need of a radical overhaul couldn’t be further from the truth. In our quest for the newest and shiniest thing we’ve somehow forgotten the important lessons of what came before. Adopting those same principles and infusing them with new discoveries in science and technology will eventually get us closer to the promise land we all seek and our ultimate goal; look good naked.

I say all this to say, kettle-bell work outs specifically the traditional kettle-bell swing are one of the best full body workouts you can find. Dating back to the early 1700 kettle-bell workouts require very little in the form of programming. Just pick up a weight heavy enough to elicit the requisite amount of work and swing away. During your development you can also pick up form cues via YouTube videos from stellar kettle-bell practitioners such as Pavel Tsatsouline and Jeff Martone.