Big Dreams and Misguided Inspiration

In a sea of pseudo self-help gurus Gary Vaynerchuk stands apart in his ability to dissect complex problems (business or personal) and offer clear and concise advice and direction, without the unnecessary anecdotes of his contemporaries. With that being said and by his own admission you are not required to consumer Gary’s content on a daily basis, he neither sells or endorses e-books, mastermind groups or online courses. Gary’s modus operandi is simple…“hard work & patience”

That message couldn’t be clearer during a recent episode of the #AskGaryVee Show with caller. Unlike other hosts Gary isn’t big on bullshit. He often strips questions back to the raw essences and exposes the caller to the REAL issue at hand. And more often than not it doesn’t come as a surprise, it’s a sobering experience for both caller and viewer alike.

Taylor’s issue was simple at first, an ambitious graduate with lofty aspirations, she felt weighed down by a sense of self inflicted expectation, the perceived successes of her millennial counterparts and she desperately needed someone to pull her out of her rut. Although what transpired during the phone-call was a lot more than bargained for as Gary masterfully honed into the REAL issue at hand, a lack of patience and hard work. But enough from me, watch the video above NOW and remember to “deploy patience and love the process!”