Interviews Are Fun

I recently revisited an interview i did a while back during the heady days of DJ’ing every weekend. It’s fun to revisit some of the things I spoke about back then, it’s only from a couple years but i recognise the little flaws in my character that i still have till this day. I’m giving off an air of “not giving a shit” when in actuality i give all the shits and care deeply about everything I’m speaking about, however ill informed it might be.

I’m taking another shot at placing myself at the centre nightlife culture this year. Whether it’s writing reviews for parties (which i’m aiming to get published on Resident Advisor) or locking down residency somewhere cool and put into practise the learnings i’ve gathered over the years. Whilst still maintaining a sense of ‘zero expectations’ and concentrating most of my efforts in showing up everyday and putting in the required amount of work. Whether it gets me where i want to go is irrelevant, the process the name of game.

P.s. I fucking hate my outfit in this video.