Thoughts on Primavera Sound 2017

IMG_2799It’s been a week since I got back from Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona. It was an amazing trip to a city I visited back in 2014 for the Barcelona Half Marathon, but seeing as that trip was a bit too short (2.5 days) I was eager to get back out there and see what all the fuss was about – and boy oh boy do I get it now. Compared to London Barcelona is fairly small, if you were that inclined you could probably visit most of the city by car within a week or so, but what it lacks in overall size it makes up for in atmosphere. Every way you turn you’ll find small pockets of locals hanging out in the numerous parks and public squares littered around the city. And you’ll probably bump into some guys selling small cans of beer for 1EUR each and if that wasn’t enough the more entrepreneurial-minded street sellers go as far as selling freshly veggie samosa that will blow your socks off, again only for 1EUR, why hasn’t anyone London done that? Hhmmm…

Away from the city, the festival itself was great. First of all the location was sick, well out of the way from most residential spots it allowed the organisers to really crank up the volume on all the stages so even if you ended up at the back of crowd you could still hear everything. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful throughout the festival to going out of their to make you feel welcomed and at ease. Personally, i had a bit of ‘mare – I lost my wallet and cash not once but TWICE over the course of 3 days  – but apart from that, it was fairly uneventful and an overall great experience, so much so that we’re all thinking of going again next, only this time it’ll be VIP entry or nothing just so we can access to a private/cheaper bar. My favourite performances from the festival? Death Grips of course, Mac DeMarco, Skepta, Solange, The xx, Flying Lotus, Sampha and probably a few more I can’t remember for obvious reasons, ha.

I didn’t take too many pictures either which is a good indication I was having a great time, but here are a few randoms ones I managed to dig out below.