The Power of Yes!


“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity to do something and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes. Then learn how to do it later.”Richard Branson

A couple of months ago I went on the offensive and prowled around the interwebs in the hope of landing some DJ gigs. I’ve wanted to play out regularly for a while now but ever since I took a back seat from promoting parties in 2014 the scene kind of moved on without me and some places I was able to play at previously weren’t returning my emails. No hard feelings, of course, it’s the nature of the business, event managers aren’t going to wait around for me to figure out my shit, there are tons of kids out there ready and able to take my spot and judging by the plethora of club nights out there; it’s fair to say I’ve not been missed ha.

That aside I still wanted to challenge myself a bit more and secure a spot somewhere local (i.e. Stratford and Leytonstone) in the hope that playing in front of a less trendy audience i’d broaden my musical palette and ultimately get the chance to play longer sets, something I’ve dreamed of doing ever since I visited Berlin.

The other week I was invited to DJ at a warehouse party in Hackney Wick, I DJ’d there a couple times previously and I originally found that gig by searching through #djwanted tags on Twitter and Instagram. The gig wasn’t paid or anything but the opportunity to play some tunes for some cool people in an area within walking distance of where I live was far too good to turn down. Plus warehouse parties are the best, it’s BYOB, finishes super late and everyone is super up for it!

I say all this say, when you’re starting out say yes to every opportunity hat comes your way, whether it’s paid or unpaid grab it with both hands and learn something from it for your next gig. I can honestly say those first couple gigs I played in the warehouse gave me the confidence and momentum needed to help me secure a monthly residency in Leytonstone and you can do it too.