I gave up on buying Jordans a few years ago when it seemed as if Jordan Brand were on a mission to retro every single colourway of every single model within an 18 month period; back to back. And judging by the amount of shit I see on HYPEBEAST nothing has changed since then. Aight, cool, safe. I could count on one hand the Jordans I regret not getting from the last few years, but for the most part, the retros I’ve come across have been a bit average. Which brings me nicely onto shoes above. In my advanced age, I’ve come to realise I’m not a “bells and whistle” kind of guy when it comes to shoes, I like them clean and classic. And since the majority of my outfits are made up of different variations of black the last thing I need are rainbow coloured numbers with someone’s face on the toe box. When I came across this fairly mundane Ying Yang Jordan 1’s – I instantly fell in love. Unfortunately for me, the leather on these isn’t great as you can see from the picture they tend to crease up quite easily but I kind of like them a bit fucked. For the most part, sneakerhead culture is still one big cringe-fest so I’m more than happy I’ve scuffed these up a little bit so they don’t look too shiny. Oh and they go with just about anything too, win!

The AZ Show #034

In today’s episode, Agostinho rambles about Amber Rose’s ‘Slutwalk’, DJ booth etiquette, Frank Ocean at Park Life festival and more.

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