Greatly Maligned

Tai Lopez gets a lot of stick online, most of it warranted it has to be said, because he came out of the blocks as the living embodiment of everything everyone hates about the “self help” guru culture. The internet didn’t respond well to “some guy” filming himself talking into his phone against a backdrop of expensive cars, shelves of books and cameos from extremely attractive women. It also didn’t help that in the early days Tai was also a little cagey when it came to revealing anything about past or how how he made his money and in the world of internet fame, where everyone wants to know everything at anytime, it rubbed people up the wrong way and ultimately feed into their cynicism.

But with that being said it seems as if the tide has now a turned and everyone seems to like Tai Lopez again. I’ve always been a fan, i’ll go a record and say he’s the reason why I read 4 books a month, I built up most of my book collection on the back his book recommendations. It’s probably one of the best booklist out there, especially if you commit to reading all the books in the order and you can check it out here. It’s been great to the see the change in public opinion, because I think fundamentally he’s a cool guy who really wants to help people make more money and live a happier life and he happens to makes insane amounts cash for himself along the way, it’s all good.

If you’re still on the fence and open to changing your mind, check out these two interviews he recently did, I think he came across really well in them.