Club Kids

My fascination with Berlin is obvious. I love underground electronic music and there’ no better city in the world to experience than Berlin. Although the city is beautiful in it’s own unique way, what really captured my imagination is the clubs and culture that surrounds it. You could throw a stone and hit a club in Berlin this much is true, but what really separates clubbing in Berlin to any other city in the world is the culture. The community is vibrant and inclusive, all colours, races, creeds and sexualities are welcomed to a judgment free zone where you’re summoned can let go of your inhibitions and surrender yourself to the bass or lack thereof.

Back home in London I made the decision a few years to focus my energy and time to clubbing instead of going to dive bars. I had always liked clubbing but only did it 2x a year and usually to see top tier DJs such Dixon and Ricardo Villalobos. But with the rising costs of tickets in London and necessity to plan your big nights out months in advance it didn’t seem like something I could carry on doing on a regular basis. But luckily various underground promoters popped up and filled the void, now every weekend in London if you know where to look there’s tons of amazing raves going on and a 24 hour club such as FOLD who provide a safe spaces for clubbers in London, super!

The more I’ve gone out lately the more I’ve want to upgrade my “clubbing clothes” to reflect the dimly lit sweat box that most underground electronic music venues frequent. But from my limited research I haven’t found many options for dudes who wanna dress up but don’t want to go full Berghain, maybe there’s opportunity for me to design something and offer to the world, but for now I really enjoyed seeing NAKT vision of club-ware highlighted in this awe-inspiring video, you check it out above. I’ve watched it about 10x already and I think i’m going to stop now, i’m getting serious FOMO vibes, although I recently visited Berlin in September i’m already itching to go back after watching this video, ha!