32 Books+ I Read In 2018


I’m no fan of New Years resolutions, I find the idea of suddenly changing your ways on an arbitrary date a bit pointless and ultimately not conducive to actual IRL change. That being said the last time I did it was back in 2012 and one of my New Years goals was to read more books. Even though I hated school and got voted “class clown” 3 years in a row (big up Royal Docks Community!) I always found reading quite pleasurable, but like many others post-University the last thing I wanted to do was read another book for enjoyment purposes, that experience burned me out.

Everything changed when I randomly stumbled upon ‘The 4 Hour Week’ by @timferriss – Cringe title aside that book made me realise time is our only non-renewable resource and spending all of it glued to social media wasn’t the best use of it. I used to spend days on end scrolling through feed after feed frantically looking for something I couldn’t find. To remedy the situation I decided to commit to reading at least 2 books per month for 1 hour a day. To make things easy I scheduled my reading time around my commute to work or during my lunch breaks.

And every year since then I’ve upped the ante book by book and I’m proud to say in 2018 I managed to read a TOTAL OF 32 books and 4 audiobooks! I wasn’t sure about posting blogging about it, I didn’t want give the impression that I’m gloating or that I think I’m better than anyone, that’s not what I’m about. But my hope is this serves as motivation for the people out there who complain about the amount time they spend on their smartphones glued to social media, there is a solution. For some you reading isn’t an option, whether its going for a walk for 30-60 minutes with your phone on airplane model, whatever it is try and find something that takes you away from your screen for a designated period time I promise you your life and mental health will be better off for it.

As Theodore Roosevelt once said “Comparison is the thief of joy” – so if you’re want make one resolution this year I implore you to unplug from the internet, at least for an hour a day.

Peace Is In Staying The Course


Wow, weird how life turns out. One moment you’re trying to figure out what the hell happened, the next your forget whatever injustice occurred in the past whilst frantically trying to understand how you got here so quickly.

Not to toot my own horn or anything but I was a huge part of the Dalston scene a few years ago, I used to organise parties for friends, sometimes i’d even pluck up the courage to DJ at some of these parties and generally spend most weeks walking up and down “the strip” in search of fun! But all good things must come to an end and after 5 years of non-stop everything got really quiet. No more random emails for promoters or bar owners requesting my services. Mostly due to my reluctance to adapt to the changing environment and partly due to other factors outside of my control, I was out, banished from “scene”. I’d be lying if i said my ego didn’t take a dent, but I had to accept that my time was up, the new kids coming into scene needed to write their own history and I never wanted to be the old guy in the club trying to be down with the kidz, that’s gross!

During that time I realised that I actually enjoyed DJing, I wasn’t just in it for the clout, I loved everything about the culture that surrounded it, from the design of club themselves to the politics of programming parties, it’s all really fascinating and I would very much like to participate regardless of where it was or how many cool points it would earn me. This lead me down an interesting path where I’m now DJing every Friday in a local pub and once a month in a cool little bar not to far from where I live either. I get to play music I love for a small but enjoyable audience and they pay me for it, wild! And because of the good reputation I’ve built up for myself DJing away from the hipster crowds, it’s all come back full circle and I’ve been approached to DJ a couple times next month at The Three Compasses in Dalston, ha! Full circle…

I’m not sure what lessons can be gleamed from this but I think it might have something to do with patience and genuinely not caring what people think. If you have both and you truly love what you do you’ll get there, trust me!

Or you can listen to Gary Vee explain it better than I can.