How Soon Is Too Soon?

Fold, London: Everything you need to know about the E16 club ...

For selfish reasons, I’ve pondered this question a lot over the last few weeks. My friend and I had a Berlin trip booked and ready to go, the plan was to head over during the May Day festivities, partake in all the “open-air” parties and ultimately spend the best part of a week getting absolutely mangled and dangled (shout out to D Double E). But alas *Cardi B voice* coronavirus had other plans. That being said my heart goes out to anyone who works in the entertainment industry specifically nightlife, what does the future hold for these folk? When will clubs reopen and when they do what state will they be in? Will punters be comfortable squeezing into derelict buildings at the drop of a hat? I don’t have the answers but I thought this New York Times debate was incredibly insightful, especially the quote below. Read it, now!