When Will We Rave Again?

Transmoderna unleashes season line-up | Ibiza SpotlightI have absolutely no idea, and when I think I’ve worked it out something else changes in the fight against COVID-19, it’s an almost daily occurrence. But reading between the lines and comparing different bits of information the sensible conclusion is we’ll see a return to raving sometime in August but more likely early 2021 between January and March. There’s a part of me that thinks’ a few rogue promoters will take a risks and organize “illegal” open-air/warehouse parties (weather dependant) but I can’t see legitimate clubs taking that risk until the Government says so, it’s the sensible decision considering how frightened insurance companies and local councils will be at the prospect of someone contracting the virus during an event they sanctioned. I’m just hoping a place like Pirate Studios gets the green light to open its doors soon, it’s not a rave don’t get me wrong but at least we’ll have the option to hear really loud electronic music on massive speakers with our closest friends. It’s better than nothing.